• Research Paper Outline – Steps to Writing a Research Paper

    Many students worry when they need to write a research paper but writing a paper doesn’t need to be hard, there are a huge amount of resources which you can use to create excellent research papers which will get you amazing results. This simple outline for a research paper will help you to write a great research paper which gives you the results you want. 

    1. Plan- Planning is the first step to every essay, before you start your research you need to know what you are going to research and what you are going to write. Plan the route that your essay is going to take, while this might change when you read the research make a plan before you start and it will make writing your essay much easier.
    2. Research – Use online tools to help your research easier, there are so many resources which make researching simple. Start with the literature which your course teacher has given you and if you want to get extra marks do a bit of research around them, look at who people are talking about and try and find some additional research which supports your points. 
    3. Write your body – After you have completed your research write your main body, this is the main argument of your essay. If you have planned properly and done your research this will be easy, just write what you have in your plan and you wont have any problems. Look at your body as a journey, your body is a story on its way to the conclusion which answers the question. 
    4. Write your introduction and conclusions – Always write your introduction and conclusions after you have written your main body. This is because you know what you are introducing and concluding on. This makes writing much easier to do. 
    5. Proofread – always re-read what you have written, it’s easy to write with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes which will lose you easy marks. Simply proofreading will save you from this and will save you marks. Many students often also spot many factual errors and are able to improve the flow of their essay, always proofread. 

    It’s easy to write a research paper and with this step by step process you will no longer need to worry about how to write a research paper outline. It’s easy to panic when you have a lot of work but you shouldn’t, it’s very simple to write a research paper once you memorise this process.

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