• How to write a research paper outline

    Are you struggling to write a research paper outline? This article will provide excellent guidelines on how to write the most effective one. A paper outline is written after choosing the topic and gathering enough information to use. Creating a good outline is very beneficial to you. It enables you to organize your thoughts and develop an exemplary flow of ideas before you start writing. This is basically a form of planning. With a good outline, you will be able to write faster and consistently without frequent pauses to think.

    Not everybody understands how this outline is written. Many will seek help with paper writing, get the necessary tips but still get stuck with their outlines. The format for a term paper outline, thesis or dissertation is principally the same, only the contents may vary. An outline is divided into the three main sections of the research paper which are introduction, body and conclusion. This is it although some supervisors may have his or her own specifications of what they may want included.

    How do you create a good outline? First, you have to write down all your ideas as well as your research facts. Once you have them all, the outline will assist you to create a good flow of ideas.


    This is the first part which should contain all the major ideas of your paper. The thesis statement should conspicuously present at this point. You should state it and emphasize it using different words. Also, you should include the purpose of the study and significance of the subject matter. The type of approach utilized in the research paper can also be stated here.


    The body contain all your arguments in an ordered manner. You should state the main point as well as three supporting points to make it stronger. These points should appear beginning with the weakest and then a stronger one and the strongest. The length of this part of the outline depends on the number of main ideas you have.


    This is the last part and it should wrap up all your arguments. You can include a brief summary of all your key points and arrive at a clear stand. You can restate the thesis statement here and briefly state whether the purpose of the study has been met. 

    This is how to write a research paper outline. You should follow these paper writing guidelines and create a good outline that will help you to succeed in your research paper.

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