• Interesting Macbeth Essay Topics That Will Impress Your Teacher

    Political ambition, betrayal, the physical and psychological deterioration of the powerful, supernatural visions, witches, and rampant paranoia. No this isn’t the latest blockbuster from Hollywood, this is Macbeth. As powerful today as it was the day it was first performed, Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy is taught around the world as part of English Literature curriculum.

    You will likely be assigned a Macbeth essay at some point in your scholarly career and when that time comes (perhaps it is here) you will want to be fully prepared to write a stellar essay that will be sure to impress your teacher.

    We will be covering a number of aspects that will awe your instructor, including a number of possible essay topics, but if you find that you still need some more ideas, you may want to get help from this company.

    The Thesis Statement

    Your thesis statement is the heart of your paper. While a well-thought-out thesis can lead to an A grade, a weak, poorly constructed thesis will pull your grade down no matter how well-rounded the rest of the paper is. A well written thesis should be an argument, some interpretation or evaluation, which is not plainly evident and has the potential to be debated. For example, simply stating a character trait or factual information about the play will not form a very good thesis. However, stating that a particular trait or some factual information helped to shape a theme or give us insight into the character’s motivations form the basis for a great thesis.

    No matter which direction you take, whether it be to interpret some part of the play or to evaluate different aspects of the literature, you will want to make sure that the statement could just as easily be disproved. If someone so chose, they could attempt to disprove your thesis statement. It is your job in the essay to prove it to be true.

    Essay Topic Ideas

    • Some of the most memorable characters in the play are the witches. How are the witches characterized and what purpose do the serve the overall theme?

    • What is elision and why does Shakespeare choose to use this technique?

    • One of the most widely recognized scenes in Macbeth is the sleepwalking scene in Act 5. Why does Shakespeare choose to have Lady Macbeth speak in prose and how do her words fit into the overall context of the work.

    • When Banquo is told by the witches that he will be the father of future kings his reaction reveals much about his character. Discuss.

    • Banquo has an important dramatic purpose both alive and dead. Compare the dramatic importance of this duality.

    • What is the dramatic purpose of the Ghost Scene and why does Shakespeare use this method for advancing the story?

    • The destruction of the natural order is a central theme to Macbeth. Analyze the ways in which Shakespeare demonstrates this idea through the use of specific examples.

    • Macbeth is his by far his worst enemy. Describe how this and other factors culminate in his downfall.

    • What role does the supernatural play in Macbeth? How does this shape Macbeth’s decisions?


    These topics will certainly assist you in impressing your teacher, or you can use them as a jumping-off point for your own ideas. Either way, you are well on your way to a stellar Macbeth essay! 

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