• Creating An Interesting College Essay About Junk Food

    Junk food is a problem most of the modern world is struggling with on a daily basis. Obesity caused by this type of highly processed (and too nutritionally dense) food is a major concern for health care professionals in the United States. This makes for a very interesting subject for a school or college essay. There is an abundance of topics you can choose from. Or, of course, you can come up with your own topic. In any case, remember that the topic must be attractive and should tackle a controversial issue or a real problem. When you can bring value to a sensitive subject, you can be sure your teacher will award extra bonus points.

    We have put together a list of three interesting topics you may want to use as a basis for your next paper on junk food. There is also another website where you can get ideas and even the writing assistance you require.

    What Are The Issues Associated With Junk Food?

    Before you settle on a topic, you need to know about the most important problems caused by junk food. As soon as you know why and how this type of nutrition affects people in the US, you can come up with interesting topics to discuss.

    • The most obvious effect of fast food is an increase in body weight. In other words, people tend to get fat when on such a diet. This is caused by the extra, empty calories.

    • Junk food causes problems associated with high cholesterol. Oil, mayonnaise, trans fats, sugars, processed ingredients – all lead to an increase in bad cholesterol.

    • High blood pressure is caused by the increase in cholesterol, as well as by some ingredients in fast food. The association between various types of foods is simply unhealthy.

    • Social problems caused by obesity are a real concern. Obesity, caused in part by unhealthy foods, also increases the occurrence of depression. Did you know that one in three Americans is considered obese?

    Three Topics That Will Interest Your Teacher

    • Would applying restrictions similar to those applied to medication to junk food have the effect of lowering obesity rates in the United States? Many consider junk food a highly addictive diet – more addictive than some medications.

    • Is banning obesity lawsuits against fast-food chains a good idea? Currently, 26 states prohibit people from suing McDonalds for making people fat. Discuss what led to this decision by the regulators and how it affects people.

    • Cigarettes have health warnings; why don’t junk food stores and packages come with a similar warning? Burger wrappers don’t warn people of the amount of fats and sugars these products contain. Nor do they state the consequences of eating too many hamburgers.

    Final Considerations


    The topic you choose is up to you. However, don’t let your emotions take over when you’re writing your arguments. You need to properly cite your sources (reliable and trustworthy). You must respect academic writing guidelines and present your findings in a logical, clear and impartial manner.

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