• Composing A Renewable Energy Research Paper Thesis

    Crafting a thesis is one of the most difficult parts of writing a research paper. The thesis is also known as the main point. It sets the tone for your essay and lets readers know what aspects of your topic the research will include. Here are four helpful steps to writing a well-developed main point for your essay about renewable energy. If you are looking for more assistance in writing your academic paper, take advantage of this service.

    1. Decide on your topic.

    Renewable energy is such a broad topic that you’re going to want to narrow it down. Do a preliminary exploration of the topic first to see if there’s anything that peaks your interest. Here are some interesting topics to use if you’re stuck:

    • Write a paper comparing and contrasting the differences between wind, solar and water power. Which one do you conclude is the most advantageous from your findings?

    • With the resources it takes to produce solar panels, recycled goods and electric for cars is renewable energy really the “greener” option?

    1. Research your topic.

    Take some time to delve into your topic. Look for background information. After you feel informed, make sure to read books and studies. Once you have enough materiel, print out your web articles. Then start splitting up this evidence (including books and other sources) into piles that contain similar information. For example, let’s say your topic is about wind, solar and water power. You should have one pile for wind power, one for solar power, and one for water. You may even want a fourth pile for a comparison paragraph. As suggested, the piles you made will represent the paragraphs in your paper. You should have three or more piles. If you have less than three, then you need to find more evidence.

    1. Brainstorm Keywords

    Get a blank sheet of paper and write down the words that come to your mind when you think of your paper. If you were comparing solar, wind and water power, your words would most likely be renewable energy, solar, water, wind and power. The research you did earlier probably helped you come up with a few more. These keywords should be the most important words to your paper. You should realistically have about four to eight keywords. These words will help you develop your thesis in the next step.

    1. Write your Thesis.

    You’re finally ready to write your main point. This sentence tells readers what your goal is for the paper. By the conclusion, you have to have in some way achieved this goal. Look at the keywords you wrote down in the last step. What you need to do is fit all of these words into one cohesive sentence. It can’t be just any sentence. It needs to basically summarize your paper and your point of view. Here’s our main point for a paper about wind, water and solar power:


    As far as renewable energy resources go, water power is more environmentally friendly than both solar and wind power.

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