• A Tutorial On Crafting A Research Paper Conclusion

    Are you trying to create a research paper conclusion? This website is a world class service that will enable you to write an awesome conclusion that will wrap up your work in an outstanding way. The conclusion must be written with conviction because it is the impression your readers will carry with them for the longest time.

    Many readers use the conclusion to judge the success of your work. It works hand in hand with the introduction. All the ‘promises’ you made in the introduction must have been accomplished in the conclusion. The arguments should have been solved and the research questions thoroughly answered.

    The conclusion serves various vital functions. It enhances the knowledge of the readers on the subject in question. Hence, it should put the research in a broad context and link it with what the readers already know. It should also highlight the importance of the topic and ask questions that will direct the readers to the knowledge gaps left.

    Is the conclusion a summary of the research paper?

    Well, the conclusion is more than a summary. It serves more purposes than being a simple summary. Research papers are usually long therefore it is important to remind the readers the research question which is basically the reason why they are reading your work in the first place. You should briefly highlight your major points in the conclusion. The readers give merit points from these major issues therefore it is good to remind them.

    What should the conclusion contain?

    The conclusion, just like the introduction, should be eye catching. You must have an amazing closing statement which will impress your readers. This statement will grab their attention and focus it on your ideas and achievements

    It should also contain the new insights and ideas that you have developed about the subject matter. All the valuable contributions you have made towards the broader topic should be present in the conclusion. These contributions should be incorporated into the existing knowledge to show the relevance. There are also ideas in the subject matter that you may critique. This must also appear in the conclusion as an analysis of the broad knowledge.

    In addition, the conclusion should have the limitations of your results and methods used. This will help gauge the reliability of the data and possibly explain why some dimensions of the study are not covered in your research paper

    Finally, it should focus on the strongest arguments and ideas and give recommendations that may have arisen from the study. You create a link with the introduction since it always contains a preview of the major ideas. Consequently, the conclusion should have these ideas but with a little more details. This approach will ensure that your readers’ thirst for knowledge has been fulfilled.


    The conclusion is one of the most important sections of your research paper. You should make it count. This part can work in your favor if done properly. The introduction and conclusion play a vital role since they have a great impact on the readers mind.  

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